Editorial Guidelines

Articles should be on a topic directly relevant to the investor community ie. the financial markets, a particular financial/investment instrument or asset class, and general investment-orientated topics.

Choose a catchy title that will both provoke interest and captures the central theme or point of your piece.

Your summary should be viewed as an extension of your title and let the reader know what your article covers.

Consider what search term someone interested in your article would most likely be looking for and try to include that in your heading and description as well as a couple of times in your article. As your article will be indexed in Google News and Google search this will increase the targeting of the traffic your article will receive from those sources.

Content should be informative, interesting and educational and not a promotion of a particular product or service. Advertorial articles will not be approved by our editors.

Articles must be original. Articles published elsewhere online will not be approved.

While topical articles are great and can generate high-volume traffic in the short-term articles with a subject matter which is not so reliant on current events for relevance will have greater staying-power in terms of popularity.

Don’t waffle. We all appreciate a good writing style and there is nothing wrong with the odd literary flourish to keep things interesting. However, make sure this is balanced with being concise and getting your point across to your readers effectively.

Intelligible English please. While we appreciate and welcome the fact that the iNVEZZ community reflects the wider financial/investment world and does not only consist of native English speakers, our editors are not able to edit contributed content. While we will not be the English language police, articles which our editors do not feel meet a good standard of English will not be published.

Whether you are an individual investor, a blogger, a professional or a company, the higher the quality of your article and the more readers read and recommend it, the more exposure it will receive on iNVEZZ.

You may include 2 follow-through links in every article subject to terms and conditions

Please review your author profile and ensure your website, banner and social media links are correct.

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