Crypto Robot 365 Review: 100% Proven Software!

What is Crypto Robot 365? - 100% Full Proof AutoTrading Crypto Software

Today we are going to introduce a recent invention in the world of binary options trading that is an automated cryptocurrency trading robot namely Crypto Robot 365. It is one of robots that have revolutionized the whole idea of binary options trading. You can guess by the name “crypto” & “robot.” It is an automated trading machine capable of trading crypto currencies.

Is Crypto Robot 365 A Scam? NO!

No, CryptoRobot365 is not a scam. Why we are saying so? Because we have undertaken an extensive research and conclude that it as a legitimate robot. We reviewed its trading strategies and trend indicators’ effectiveness. We also reviewed the reputation of brokers it works with and came to know that most of them are regulated and famous among the masses. We reviewed testimonials and feedback of traders already using crypto robot 365 and find them satisfactory. We observed the deposit and withdrawals procedure at crypto robot 365 to be working efficiently. This is how we conclude that it is a legit robot.

Video Review of Crypto Robot 365's Legit Software:

Before going further and detailing its features, we just want to share some lines of thoughts with you. Trading has always been a point of fascination for traders because of its high potential to make large profits. Many traders have done great and the numbers of inspired individuals are getting increased day by day. Manual trading, however, can be challenging since it requires traders to undergo a lot of research work and gain enough experience to do well in trading. This is simply not possible for many potential traders who avoid trading just because they do not have sufficient knowledge or expertise or perhaps they can't afford to spare enough time for trading. Let us inform you, that companies realized the issue and started making automated trading robots. It is not wrong to say that, trading in forex or binary options has now been more simplified with the invention of expert advisors and automated trading robots.

Many of you may have already know that what is meant by cryptocurrency. But for those, who are still unfamiliar with the word cryptocurrency, let us know you that it is a type of a digital currency encrypted in a way that no one could copy it. It is usually known as bitcoin. All bitcoin transactions occur if a form of block chains and are recorded on a public ledger. People present on a same peer-to-peer network can see if the bitcoin is already used or not. Public ledger, therefore, serves as the source of reference for the confirmation. Bitcoins can be stored on mobile phones, memory sticks, hard drives etc. Believing that now you have got the basic idea about cryptocurrency, let us move further exploring the Crypto Robot 365.

Key Features

  • The robot can bring traders more than 90% successful trades
  • It has most advanced risk averse trading strategies to use
  • It has frequently used popular trend indicators available
  • It uses three well known money management strategies such as martingale, Fibonacci, and classic.
  • It has no associated cost
  • It can be used via mobile phones and tablets
  • It has 24/5 customer support available
  • It has user-friendly operating interface that is very easy to use

Crypto Robot 365 Advantages

Proven Trading Record: Crypto Robot 365 has its proven track record of performance where it produced more than 90% of successful trades for last few months. Its careful design and risk adjusted techniques make it do wonders. No one is required to believe our words, instead, persons doubting the robot capability can even open a demo account to realize the effectiveness of the robot themselves. Others may verify the trading history of the robot available at Crypto Robot

Configurable: The robot can be configured as per the desired settings of traders. Traders can use their personalized trading strategy by configuring the robot as they wish. There are various trend indicators and money management strategies available to select. The robot comes with seven commonly used technical indicators and three money management strategies namely classic, martingale and Fibonacci.

Risk Adjustable: Every trader has different risk tolerance capacity, therefore, traders can manage the risk themselves using different trading tools and features available. Traders are allowed to select the amount they wish to place for trade. They can also select the number of simultaneous traders per go. Traders can even mark the expiry timings of trades by selecting the time frame from the given timing slab. Choice of selection with respect to trend indicators and money management strategy is also available.

Crypto Robot 365 Disadvantages

Risk Adjustment

The robot has to be configured manually, therefore some traders especially novice traders may find it difficult to customize it up to the best standards. The reason could be the lack of knowledge and experience of novice traders. They may do not have any idea about different trading terminologies and strategies. Still, there is no need to worry since the robot comes with an instructional manual to configure it as per the settings recommended by experts of the robot company. 

Power Failure Or Interruption In Internet Connectivity

Since the robot is based on the web, a little disadvantage could be that in a case of electricity failure or interruption in the internet connectivity, the robot may stop working appropriately. Obviously, this is because of the lack of communication occurred between the robot and the server. A power backup and smooth internet connection can address the issue for sure.



The robot has no cost. It is offered for free. However, traders are required to open an account with one of the recommended brokers of the robot company. Brokers may ask traders to fund their account in order to get started. Obviously, how would you trade and what? When you don't have funds in your account.  The little caution that trader needs to take here is that traders must use the company’s platform to register with brokers. Since doing so brings the company some referral commission, and ultimately make the company offer its robot for free. In other words, the company gets compensated for offering the robot for free, by brokers not by customers.

Customer Support

Customer support has its own importance in playing its role towards a business success. Crypto Robot 365 understands the importance of maintaining great customer relations, therefore offers 24/5 customer support. Traders can contact the company via different available methods including telephone, emails, online contact form, and ticketing interface to log their complaints themselves. To facilitate traders on run time basis, an online web chat interface is also available at Crypto Robot

Final Words – Scam or Legit?

As mentioned earlier, we have conducted our research taking extreme cautions and investigated Crypto Robot 365 adhesively. We couldn’t find any reason to express our opinion against them. It is surely a legit robot.  Its well-organized client’s oriented website, user-friendly interface manual to use the robot, dedicated customer support and ability to trade in cryptocurrency made us give them th*umbs up.  

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